About Rosey


Rosey’s, one of the only locally and independently owned and operated boutiques in Park Meadows retail resort, now offers the array of exquisite styles and outrageous, unique accessories to the downtown shopper. Denver Pavilions, on the pedestrian-friendly 16th Street Mall, is now home to Rosey’s second location affording her customers the city-life experience, combined with her never-ending ability to find wardrobe and jewelry that sets her, and ultimately her customer, apart from the crowd.

Both locations show her passion for fashion along with her zest for truly helping her customers, not simply making the sale.  “I just know if it’s right.  It’s a gift, my gift.  There are all kinds of people out there and I want to be able to help them.”

A self-made-woman, a Denver native, and a seasoned veteran in the retail world, she has been a buyer and seller of everything from ice-cream to turquoise, waterbeds to men’s jeans. However, she found her niche when she opened her own store on 8th Avenue and Ash almost 30 years ago, later moving to Tamarac Square, then on to Park Meadows.  “To me, the world of fashion is different than it is to most of my counterparts because I believe you need fashion to accomplish your goals.  I firmly believe in dressing for success.  People take you seriously and treat you differently when you’re dressed for success, whether it be personal or professional.”

As owner, operator and buyer for both stores, she now has double the opportunity to enhance women’s lives and indirectly those in their lives.  Her strength;  showing women of every size and shape how to dress, not to mention why they should dress with individuality, flair, and function as well.  Her frequent trips to Paris allow her to be ahead of the trends in the States, and because she does not choose to bend to the usual and seasonal ‘must-haves’ her stores maintain a very eclectic feel and one-of-a kind flair, much like the customers who shop there.

Once you’ve shopped Rosey’s, either location, you are hooked.  It’s more than  just shopping for something to wear, it’s enhancing your outer image which directly affects your inner image.  Perhaps that’s the reason you leave Rosey’s  looking great, but most importantly, feeling great.  It truly is about how Rosey’s, her staff, her clothing and outrageous accessories make you feel.

Written by Merrill Carsh, Agency Director
Model Talent Management
John Casablanca